Electric Side Sliding Door System

Electric Side Sliding Door System
 Electric Side Sliding Door System

Electric side sliding door system is being used for converting manually opening side sliding doors into electric side sliding doors of vehicles.

Right hand drive and left hand drive systems are available.

Parts Included
Note: Picture may vary due to different car models.

Electric Suction Lock (Right)

Door Motor (Right)

Power Cable


Multiple modes of operation
Easy to control your electric side sliding door system

01 Operation

Original car key control
Non-destructive upgrade, the original car key controls the electric side sliding door, no need to replace the original remote control.

Original car key remote control
One click remote control is convenient and fast.

02 Operation

Driver compartment button
Driver compartment switch operation - use the power button to control electric side sliding door without having to get off.

At driver's switch
Ceiling central control switch button at your fingertips.

03 Operation

Center column switch button
Side B-pillar switch, easy to open the door inside the car, high-end atmosphere, considerably luxurious.

Center column switch button
Side B-pillar button is beautiful and stylish.

04 Operation

Opening from outside door handle
The outer handle is simple to operate, easy to pull, and the sliding door is automatically opened and closed, which is easy and convenient.

Open from outside door handle
Soft pull, easy and convenient

05 Operation

Inner handle control switch
The inner handle is opened, and the audiblealarm is prompted during the process of closing the side sliding door, which is safe and fast.

Inner handle control
Alert prompt, Safe and convenient


Multifunctional Technical Advantages
Experience the Convenient Life of Smart Technology

01 Function

Left and right door installation independent control
Independent system, the left and right doors can be installed separately, can also mimic to be double doors, without affecting each other.

02 Function

Smart anti-pinch, easy to rebound
Built-in safety anti-pinch device, automatic detection, when encounter obstacles, automatically rebound, easy to avoid danger.

03 Function

Smart with electric suction, automatic suction
The smart electric suction slowly suction and locks the door.

04 Function

Switch alarm prompt
There is an audible prompt during the opening/closing operation, so that you can always grasp the status of the side sliding door.

05 Function

Non-destructive installation, original car hole position
Dedicated car-specific, the original car hole position, the original car socket can be directly installed by plugging.


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