Thank you for choosing SONLS lightning cable car audio navigation products. Our products have passed the strict functional test and aging test before delivery to ensure that every product is delivered to customers in good condition. Test process strictly follow TUV, CE, CCC and other international or national standards, and the relevant agencies recognized. We all SONLS cable car audio navigation products users can enjoy, we provide for you within one month from the date of purchase of the limited free replacement of products and services.

Our customer service cable service team

In order to better serve our customers, and use the terminal market window for information acquisition, to all market information, the company established a high-quality, high level of customer service team to meet the needs of all parties.

After sales technical engineer:
Mr.Yang     Tel: 13640986915
Mr.Li          Tel: 18823776101
Mr.Wang   Tel: 18824602020
Mr.Chen   Tel: 13728992791

Quality of service satisfaction feedback phone: 13828868286

Map card upgrade package connection address
J0C map card upgrade package
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The Xin Jiahang map
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Beidou Kay special map
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J0D map card upgrade package
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Cloud navigation mobile card upgrade file
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East China
Li - Ji'nan - Cable Distribution Service Center
Address: No. ten, No. 165, Ji'nan Road, Shandong, auto supplies Plaza, No. C3-1-5
Linyi - Xu Yan Xing Jialin delivery service center
Address: Lanshan District of Shandong city of Linyi province AFP Auto City 176 Phyllis car audio shop
Xu Yan - Li - Shanghai Cable Distribution Service Center
Address: room 7001, building B, Ming Valley Science and Technology Park, No. 908 middle spring road, Shanghai, Minhang District, China
Li - Zhejiang - Hangzhou Cable Distribution Service Center
Address: No. 589 Hangzhou Road International Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor of No. 2702 automotive supplies market
Li - Jiangsu - Nanjing Cable Distribution Service Center
Address: Xiaozhuang International Plaza No. 408 Qixia District of Nanjing city and Jiangsu Yan Road 1 room 1320
Jiangsu Suzhou Distribution Service Center
Address: Jiangsu province Suzhou Zhangjiagang new agricultural garden 22 building 404 room
Cable lightning - Ningbo Service Center
Address: room 98, building No. 320, Shunde Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, China, room 53
Li - Fujian - Fuzhou Huaxin cable distribution center
Address: Fuzhou City, Jinan District, New Asia Pacific Auto Parts Market B 24-25-26
Li - Fujian - Quanzhou Office cable
Address: Licheng District, Quanzhou City Exhibition phase 1 shop A6-13, Wanjia auto supplies
Cable lightning - Fujian Xiamen distribution center
Address: Fujian Xiamen Jimei District Road 67 North Sea Le Le room 2802 No.
South China
Cable - Luohu - Li Shunda delivery service center
Address: Shenzhen City, Taoyuan road in Luohu District Auto City 2 floor No. 2087
Li - Li - Longgang cable cable service customer service center
Address: Shenzhen city Longgang South Bay No. 12 Zhongxing Road, Hong Kong and China High Tech Park E Building 2 floor
Cable lightning - Zhuhai - Generay delivery service center
Address: No. 290 former North Road, Zhuhai
Li Guixiang cable - Dongguan automotive supplies
Address: Dongguan city Humen town south Czech xiaojiejiao village opposite 493-495 No.
Cable lightning - Guangzhou Service Center
Address: Guangzhou City Yongfu Road No. 35 Building No. 238 South Yongfu international two
Cable lightning - Zhongshan Service Center
Address: 1 Zhongshan Road, Shinan District No. 6 South 2 floor
Cable lightning - Foshan Service Center
Address: Nanhai District of Foshan City Auto Parts City Yuefeng building 18 block D8 No. 112
Cable lightning - Jiangmen Service Center
Address: Victory Road Pengjiang District of Guangdong province Jiangmen City No. 19 letter and in Holloway car beauty center
Cable lightning - Hainan Service Center (Hainan Chengjie Automobile Co. Ltd.)
Address: Haikou sea show Road, No. 82, the first floor of the garden
Thai Star - Guangxi Distribution Service Center
Address: Guangxi Nanning city at the State Road No. 298 Wanli Auto Parts City B District No. 201.203.207
Shaoguan Wo Sheng Li cable car Ltd.
Address: Shaoguan City, Zhenjiang District Four km south suburb of water park, No. 133 East South Maple
Central China
Cable lightning - Zhengzhou Service Center
Address: Henan Zhengzhou city HTC industry square 1 area 1 C1-C4
Cable lightning - Wuhan Service Center
Address: Wansheng Hubei automobile Plaza boutique Wuhan City Qiaokou Li cable shop
Cable - Li Hunan Zhonghong delivery service center
Address: No. 107.121, G01 building, South Central Auto world, Changsha
Li Jiangxi cable distribution service registration center Roth
Address: No. 27 North Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi, No. 408
North China
Li Hao Xiang cable - car audio
Add: No. 246 North Lane, North Arts Park Street, Xinjiang, Urumqi
Cable lightning - Urumqi Service Center
Address: Xinjiang Province, Urumqi City, Kunlun Road No. 2 Xinjiang Urumqi Kunlun Sheng articles Market Road No. 2 (Hualing International Auto City No. C-25)
Cable lightning - Shijiazhuang Service Center
Address: Shijiazhuang Yuhua Road No. 16 Dongsheng automobile articles market in hospital
Cable lightning - Tianjin Service Center
Address: Tianjin City, Hexi District Liberation Road ring Bohai auto supplies the summer two No. A3-23
Hexi District Jiefang South Road, Tianjin, Bohai Motor City District No. 85 C
Thai Star - Shanxi Distribution Service Center
Address: Taiyuan City, South Peak Road (South West Street intersection)
Cable lightning - Shanxi Service Center
Address: Taiyuan Changfeng Street dragon garden Fang Xinyuan 4-3-101
Cable lightning - Baotou Service Center
Address: Baotou Hohhot District Hui Hai Xi Lu Beijing source of Hong Kong International Auto City 16 Building No. 16
Li - Ordos cable delivery service center
Dongsheng District, Ordos City, Tongchuan city and Hing Hing Motor City
Pacific Ocean - packaging distribution services