Electric Tailgate Lift

Electric Tailgate Lift

Electric Tailgate Lift

The electric tailgate lift have basic function pf power-driven open / close by:
Mode 1: Dashboard front switch
Mode 2: Remote control
Mode 3: Switch at tailgate (above license plate) and edge of tailgate

This product is designed with the principle of non-destructive installation and comes as a plug and play do-it-yourself fitting. The harness is compatible with the original vehicle. So no splicing or cutting of wires required. Just unplug the factory harness, and plug the new harness in between.

It operates normally in natural environment such as -30 ~ 80 C, 5% to 90% relative humidity, dust, rain, snow, corrosion and so on.

Parts Included
Note: Picture may vary due to different car models.

Electric Pole

Power cable

OBD harness, Front Switch

Electric Suction Lock

Tailgate switch

ECU Control Box

Mounting Bracket

Striker Cover

Hands-Free Access Sensor (Optional)

Hands-free access by gesture of the foot beneath the rear vehicle bumper. This is a universal kit (optional device) suitable for all vehicle models and work with all our electric tailgate kit.


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